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Hello and Welcome to my Userpage!

Playing status - Semi-active ||| Mapping status - Inactive ||| Checking maps status - Active

I've been playing on Akatsuki since 2 years. I'm mostly known for my slider aim, many non-dt scores and being a very active tournament player here.
I also have the highest overall accuracy in terms of pp rankings. Pretty neat. Not anymore, Rinnu has beaten me :(
I'm also a Beatmap Nominator Chief. I'm the main person that checks #rank-request on the Akatsuki Discord.

If you want to talk more in-depth about your requests, other mapping related stuff,
ask for mutual or just talk about random topics, don't be shy and message me ingame or on discord. :)

Tablet: One by Wacom CTL-671 (M) [Area]
Monitor: Dell P2312H [60hz]
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Agent5d is a Nominator from Poland.
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