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Hello and Welcome to my Userpage!

Playing status - Semi-active ||| Mapping status - Inactive ||| Checking maps status - Active

I've been playing on Akatsuki since 2 years. I'm mostly known for my slider aim, many non-dt scores and being a very active tournament player here.
I also have the highest overall accuracy in terms of pp rankings. Pretty neat. Not anymore, Rinnu has beaten me :(
I'm also a Beatmap Nominator Chief. I'm the main person that checks #rank-request on the Akatsuki Discord.

If you want to talk more in-depth about your requests, other mapping related stuff,
ask for mutual or just talk about random topics, don't be shy and message me ingame or on discord. :)

Tablet: One by Wacom CTL-671 (M) [Area]
Monitor: Dell P2312H [60hz]
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GWB Agent5d










Agent5d is a Nominator from Poland.
They registered .
Last seen: .
They play with Tablet.

Beatmap Nominator

Global rank #90
Clan Shit In Pool
PP 17,415
Ranked score 589,331,502
Total score 3,011,567,425
Playcount 20,593
Playtime 17d 18h 26m
Total Playtime 6d 0h 10m
Replays watched 502
Total hits 129,905
Accuracy 99.57%
Followers 127
Level 76