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Welcome back to Akatsuki.
Our relax PP changes are currently being pushed out! All scores on the server's PP value will decrease to match more 'bancho like' values, and we have also essentially decreased the value of streams, and upped the value of high AR and more difficult to aim things on relax.

Need help with anything? Feel free to join our discord here.

Welcome to Akatsuki.

You look new here. Allow us to introduce you to osu!Akatsuki.

Welcome to osu!Akatsuki. We are an osu! private server featuring both relax and vanilla osu!, integrated into a single server. Each 'mode' has it's own individual PP system, pp/score-sorted leaderboards, fully-functioning multiplayer and spectation, and a massive dedicated community between both the osu! and discord servers. we currently have 50 users online and 25471 registered users!

What are you waiting for? Join Akatsuki! It's risk-free: you won't get your account banned on the official server if you play on Akatsuki.
You can also switch anytime between the official osu! server and Akatsuki