Collab with cute girl Teembo <3


Where are u from? - Im from Belarus.
What languages do you know? - fluently speak on the Ru,Bel and normal speaking on the English. It because i'm just learning this language uwu...
How old are u? - Right now i'm 15 y.o. little kid
How much time you spend in osu? - 100% i spending 1-2 hrs in osu per day cuz i haven't improve rn and have a tournament, if i continue farming i will lose my reading skill on the no mod maps.
Why r u so cute? STOP PLS I'M NOT CUTE >~<

Glorious List
Thats list of player who makes me so happy and give me motivation to continue live. I love everone of this list ty guys, your the best <3

My hardstuck is top 51

Past collab with Eternal

Past collab with Vici

一有番Past Collab With pp catか名一

past collab with SgtDomse on osu

Zzz <3 Zzz ;3 Zzz >W< Zzz OwO Zzz ;3c... Zzz ;c Zzz >;3

一有番Past Collab With Z z zか名一

一有番Collab with ManyOneか名一
Past collab...(everlasting memory)
<3 Many ;3 Many >W< Many uWu One ;3c... One ;c One >;3

Top 1 country yes
Top 100 world yes
Top 75 world yes
Top 50 world yes

Pick rank is 43

Top 10 and high - never...


Kieta Mitai Summit - fc 5150 Sotarks' Cataclysm -
Amy Reflection - ...
BLACK MEMORY Cataclysm -
Flower Sakura -
GET BACK Sotarks' Cataclysm -
MIRROR Sotarks' Cataclysm - ...

Monster Effect Sotarks' Cataclysm -
ReI Sotarks' Cataclysm -
Mou Ii Kai Rain -
Sesshoku Apocalypse -
Livelock Art Eternity -

W w w no cute






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