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Hi i'm bad at mania and taiko

Done with this shit hole called Akatsuki see ya . And also FUCK you mania BATS for REFUSING to unrank vibro maps and actually make mania balanced gamemode and Wh1teh Pack #2 - #4 still unranked ?!?!?!? These are like the most known mania packs out there but you only care about fucking vibro and your precious fake PP I doubt half of you cunts would not stand a chance against me in a 1 v 1 you fucking noobs pls stop playing mania you guys are not worth it . It is a shame I gave this server a chance but IGNORANT mania rankers wont listen to me. pls stop playin mania and go back clicking your circles with relax mode like the noobs you are see ya

#2 gangwait now I am #3 :pensiva: now im sad


Collab by stairs with Miniature Lamp and ]owo[

Miniature Lamp x ]owo[ forever - fanart by ]owo[ (

Egirls Miniature Lamp






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