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hi. i play std&rx, taiko rx, and sometimes 4k/5k mania.
slowly becoming washed up taiko rx player xd oh well

Kinda done with the RX taiko community tbh. Most people only care about farming and there pp amount and only set shit aether ritual scores or mash the shit out of there keyboard on maps that give so much pp when it shouldn't. Setting good scores literally won't get u anywhere. maps like K8107 and Scarlatti are just so much for so little skill and your probably wondering "well your top play is scarlatti so shutup" do you think I want to loose my #7 spot to people, which ive had for a while now, who mash there keyboard all day and that play scarlatti. Wouldn't be farming at all if this system wasn't so broken and if the pp system at least CARED ABOUT COMBO like holy fuck.

^^ psst this is a copypasta ^^

mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
keyboard: Corsair K63 -- Cherry MX Reds
tablet: Wacom CTL-472 || XP-Pen G430 (1st gen I think)

heres some fcs i wanna note because they're kinda cool (last updated 7/7/20 (MM/DD/YY))

soulless 4 (replay)
save me (replay)
happppy song (replay)
bloodthirsty nightmare lullaby / the empress (replay) - cool stream stamina fc
northern_limit (replay) - 10* fc :D
oto (replay)
nisemono chuuihou (replay) - i hate the ending so much

FIRST EVER 1kPP in rx taiko !! 4/30/20

my second 1kpp play (7/28/20)

btw yall are cool :)

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