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hi. i play std&RX, taikoRX, and sometimes 4k/5k mania.
i used to play taikoRX a lot, i don't as much now
peak taikoRX rank: #2
mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
keyboard: Corsair K63 -- Cherry MX Reds
tablet(s): Wacom CTL-472 (main) & XP-Pen G430
my best scores (last updated 10/1/21 (MM/DD/YY))

soulless 4 (replay) [taikoRX]
bloodthirsty nightmare lullaby / the empress (replay) [taikoRX] cool deathstream stamina fc
nisemono chuuihou (replay) [taikoRX]
tom and jerry in the hollywood bowl (replay) [osuRX] - first ever(?) RX fc
FIRST EVER 1kPP in RX taiko !! 4/30/20

btw yall are cool :)

老干妈 Pixelsnarfer










Pixelsnarfer is a member from United States.
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They play with Mouse, Tablet, Keyboard, Touchscreen.

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Global rank #3
Country rank   #3
Clan Lao Gan Ma
PP 12,146
Ranked score 679,694,241
Total score 1,674,387,610
Playcount 7,306
Playtime 5d 10h 33m
Total Playtime 0d 4h 54m
Replays watched 201
Total hits 101,401
Accuracy 98.03%
Followers 37
Level 63