hi. i play std&RX, taikoRX, and sometimes 4k/5k mania.
i used to play taikoRX a lot, i don't as much now
peak taikoRX rank: #2
mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
keyboard: Corsair K63 -- Cherry MX Reds
tablet(s): Wacom CTL-472 (main) & XP-Pen G430
my best scores (last updated 10/1/21 (MM/DD/YY))

soulless 4 (replay) [taikoRX]
bloodthirsty nightmare lullaby / the empress (replay) [taikoRX] cool deathstream stamina fc
nisemono chuuihou (replay) [taikoRX]
tom and jerry in the hollywood bowl (replay) [osuRX] - first ever(?) RX fc
FIRST EVER 1kPP in RX taiko !! 4/30/20

btw yall are cool :)

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Clan Lao Gan Ma
PP 1,446
Ranked score 64,494,792
Total score 156,884,872
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Accuracy 95.37%
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