hi. i play std rx, taiko rx, and 4k/5k mania.
mostly taiko rx though.

mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
keyboard: Corsair K63 -- Cherry MX Reds
tablet: XP-Pen G430 (1st gen I think)

heres some fcs i wanna note because they're kinda cool (last updated 7/7/20 (MM/DD/YY))

soulless 4 (replay)
save me (replay)
happppy song (replay)
bloodthirsty nightmare lullaby / the empress (replay) - cool stamina fc
northern_limit (replay) - 10* fc :D
oto (replay)
nisemono chuuihou (replay) - i hate the ending so much

rip my original top play (and first ever {i think} 1kPP on this mode)

second 1kpp play (7/28/20)

btw yall are cool :)

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