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Owner of GWB Clan (Shit In Pool)
Best Female Relax Player :tf:

active sniping services - feel free to tell me which score you want to give me a try to snipe LOL
i'm not playing for pp now to the moment when i will have more time for myself or someone snipe my ass from top 5 because i want to get into different "allrounded" level :eyes:
If you want ask me about something, feel free and pm me on discord or ingame! ♥
(#1 Player in Poland)
Special thanks to MyLoveParkes, Lenforiee and RealistikDash for 1 month premium gift! - Very apreciated<3

i love her. (irl pov in gdansk)

2022 List
(no order and I’m really sorry if I forget about someone, it’s 6AM right now for me and I’m doing it because I got motivation for this LOL)

- Hibiki – - bro I remember when we were fighting against in ARWC 2019 and I was so shocked because of your skills and even though you’re not playing on Akatsuki active right now you’re still godtier and I’m so thankful that you motivated me to play anything else than DT back then owo.

Mattay – when I see you on a tournament staff list I fucking know this will be banger LOL like literally man thank you for mappooling because I know you’re also doing it for Haruki’s near future tournament :eyes:. You’re such an enjoyable and friendly person that I absolutely like to talk whenever I see you in chat or somewhere else.

Agent5d – kebab kutno. We did such a great job with improving polish community here bro. You’re the slider and HDHR/HD monster that I can’t imagine not playing with in ARWC. We had in this year a lot of positive memories and thanks god that we met each other ~3 years ago. Thank you<3

Aiz – sadly we don’t have contact anymore but I never forget you bro, you and Bad Girl were with me from beginning of journey and I hope someday it will be back and remember my DM’s for you are always open!!<33

Akira – to this day I can’t believe about your inferno score like come the fuck on this is illegal LOL. You’re a great person that I’ve talked to in Discord quite much, sad that you quit but I started playing Super Meat Boy recently and your time scores on levels are out of mind for real LMAO.

Asriel – penguin PKP Gdańsk, also as Agent – we did a great job to improve polish community on Akatsuki and you’re such an amazing person that makes me laugh even when I feel exhausted. You have a big potential and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re gonna get to top 15 soonTM, mark my words.

Bad Girl – I’m so thankful that you were with me from the beginning same as Aiz bro, I wish so much to revive our contact because after some shit happened we’ve talked maybe one or two times:(. You were such a big motivation and without you I definitely wouldn’t be here, even in top 20 or more.

CursorDance – you’re a great owner man, never forget your Immortal Flame 3mod FC LOL. Thanks for making server better and you’re so cool guy to talk. Canadian power.

Cmyui - I absolutely adore you bro, I will never express in 100% how I thank you for making this server. You gave my mind second chance because if not you and Akatsuki I wouldn’t even play this game anymore. Because of your server I’ve talked to a lot of amazing people and you made such a cool community<3

D C L X V I – this guy's progress is SO FAST like who the fuck gets that speedy to top 20 come on wtf, you’re getting potential and as I said you a few days ago, if you’re gonna improve your nomod aim and tech skills you can be powerful in tournaments. You’re so funny and chill, you have cool girlfriend tf.

Filippu - Pizza, you're such a cool guy man i had a lot of fun with keps. The Flashlight Accident. You called me in New Year to show Brawl Stars cards and do face reveal WTF dostawca.

maliszewski – risteloza, this motherfucker played relax for the first time in a tournament and he got attached to relax from out of nowhere not like everyone from bancho. I have no words to explain how you’re that good but I loved to play in tourney’s with you bro<3

Eaves – MY DUDEEE I still didn’t forget about our match when we were top 50 and 3 digit HAHAHA, you are so polite & cool guy and I enjoy so much writing with u<3

Bert – cheesy bitchy fucker, great commentator, nutty drum player and PUT THIS CAR IN YOUR GARAGE MANNN, you’re so funny and friendly, love your polish memes that you send me HAHAHAHA

Haruki – siema eniu dobry kebab, thank you so much for hosting ARWC/Showmatches and making this community even a lot better you’re doing great job and I hope you won’t stop it because you’re doing it so professional. I don’t know how someone can be that patient like you literally. You gave me fresh mindset to stop playing a little bit for ranks and improve overall<3

jahoo - You made me realize that something can change immediately even things that I got in my mind from basically I started my life. She’s such a cute, polite and wonderful person I absolutely adore to talk and spend time with. We had our better and worse times some time ago but I’m so lucky that we’re having a really good contact. I also can’t forget what happened back then my sunshine. Thank you for being the actual sun in all dark clouds that I had/have in my mind. I want to meet you so much and say this and not only this irl but I still need to wait some time sadly. You’re the reason why I want to live right now. Oh and also I feel like something is going to happen in the near future, don’t ask me what anyone B)). Thank you for everything sweetheart, love<333

ZooM – my big motivation when I sucked ass in this game (even to this day LOL), good to have you in my life bro and whenever you come back to akat it’s crazy how you can set that insane scores owo

lenforiee – kurwa furas glupi, one of my best friends that I know 3 years, we have big amount of memories and you’re so wonderful person bro, hope me you and agent will be able to meet up soonTM<33

Mahmood – mamood aka god all-rounded player aka bri’ish aka great person aka UK!everyoneknowswhat LOL, thank you for being bro!!

Teembo – ruska divka, vodka player and HD/HDHR god. Your New Year wishes was on another dimension level LMAO but you’re so cool dude B))

Parkes – big motivator, I’m so thankful bro because you helped me a lot when I got in trouble, you are so amazing<3

Riffee – thank you for making server of russian community on akatsuki, your RRC pools are such a banger and I enjoy talking to you and your russian friends with ur language LOL

Flezlin – Sun Rise Cup experience, you’re so great graphic designer bro same as osu player and guy irl like really you’re great at everything LOL, thank you for being man<3

Shi Tsu – mr. W w w, my brother that I love to talk with a lot and vodka guy, I hope we can meet one day in your or mine country<3

Snowy – you’ll never stop impress me with your speed scores I mean really bro how your wrist is not dying LOL, you’re such a big motivation for me and you’re good guy to talk owo

soul – USA Cheeseburger 4,50$, you’re so funny and cool person with great OSU! skills, thank you for being man<3

Exi – warszawianka thanks for existing and for declaration of love after celebrating New Year LOOL, fuck Łódź stupid city.

tsunyoku – JEH RIGHT. Number 1 fan of jeh right. Never forget Misumi project and you’re so great man. Thank you for improving server as a developer and that we made better relax pp rework<3

Yuudachi – my big motivation on Akatsuki sad that you’re playing here rarely now B(, but thank you for being since if not you I won’t reach that high<3

vadichansky – guinea pig thank you for existing and making my mood better so often HEHEHEHA

sikkr – bro I remember when we wrote in osu for the first time, you’re an amazing person and good to have you romanian guy<3

alfie – 960fps recorder, JUST KIDDING. You’ll never stop make me feel impressed with your speed plays. I love making jokes with you B))

KinSoy – the most friendly guy that I’ve ever seen literally he didn’t argue with anyone WTF IM ARGUING DAILY BRO LMAO but for real great to have that patient and polite moderator in our community and friend in osu<3

Todd – your face is absolutely banger LOOL, high acc gamer, you’re so cool to talk man i enjoy laughing with you<3

and probably this list would be even larger but I really want to also thank:

Akatsuki Scorewatchers Team – for making back from death Youtube Channel and improving it to that level we have views count same as in 2020. Good to have you there guys<3

whole Akatsuki Staff – for making Akatsuki better with more enjoyable community B))

Akatsuki Polska - wam to chyba podziekuje po polsku bo po chuj po angielsku tf, dziekuje wam za wszystko i za to, ze nasze community tak sie rozwinelo w ciagu ostatniego roku, daliscie mi ogromnna ilosc usmiechu na twarzy. Ciesze sie w srodku ze jestescie i ze na tym serwerze jest sporo osob na ktore moge liczyc w wielu sytuacjach a nawet zawsze. Dziekuje za 3 lata ARWC wszystkim kadrowiczom i tryout playerom i mam nadzieje ze w 2022 będzie tak samo, jestescie super serio♥

Russian Relax Community (RRC) – for being so nice to me and that they made me laugh so many times, your RRC pools made hosted by Riffee are really fun to play owo, I will remember for a long time how I went to your voice chat at 1AM of New Year and you literally made me almost crying LOL. Thank you guys for everything♥

and basically everyone that I’ve talked to in recent year since you were the part of it that made my 2021 wonderful<3

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Discord: Placek21#2408
Twitter: @Placek211

Wacom CTL-480
Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Elite RGB (Red Switches)
Keycaps: SPC Gear KC104 Pudding PBT
Mouse: Glorious Model O-
Headset: Isk HD9999
Monitor: Acer XF240H 144hz
Playstyle: Drag
Skin: Rafis HDDT Skin with custom hitsounds
Why left-handed mode?

► Cable is too short, old story LOL

4th Place in Akatsuki Relax World Cup 2019
1st Place in NF! Side Event RX Tourney
2nd Place in Akatsuki Relax Sun Rise Cup 2v2
1st Place in Akatsuki Relax World Cup 2020
Winner of Akatsuki Showmatch 2020
1st Place in Akatsuki Relax World Cup 2021
2nd Place in RRC System: Season One
1st Place in RRC System: Season Two
2nd Place in Starlight Cup 2021
1st Place in RRC Bounty System

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Lovely Collab with my Sunshine Jahoo96 ♥

NNN Collab with Aniaqwq12lat :tf:

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JD Collab ft. Agent5d, BeOneMiss, ZooM, Bad Girl, CursorDance & [Doge]

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[16.12.19 - 02.03.20]

Placek21 | Domi | Agent5d | BeOneMiss |

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| Kyou- | Veron | Placek21
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Global rank #5
Country rank   #1
Clan Shit In Pool
PP 28,147
Ranked score 501,921,933
Total score 3,598,384,127
Playcount 46,016
Playtime 21d 7h 2m
Total Playtime 10d 7h 0m
Replays watched 12,137
Total hits 1,288,748
Accuracy 97.97%
Followers 320
Level 81