I was participiant in Akatsuki World Cup 2019 and did it to Semi Finals ! UwU

Keyboard - Anne Pro Gateron Red (Zmatureeno and Paysami got it OwO)
Tablet - Wacom CTL-472 (Drag)
Area - Width: 69.71mm - Height: 59mm

Twitch - Puntos0
Peak Rank | #289
Peak Rank [CZE] | #4
Performace Points | 4,773pp

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Peak Rank | #199
Peak Rank [CZE] | #5
Performace Points | 13,974pp

Peak Rank | #163
Peak Rank [CZE] | #7
Performace Points | 15,283pp
Respected and awesome people from Akatsuki <3

Paysami - Speedy nice guy, also my motivation for playing from the beginning.

Reapeed - Friend from almost the beginning of my Akatsuki career and great player, choking is his hobby.

KuroTsuki - HD, Low AR reading god and nice guy.

Reegi - WTF? :D He is good at almost everything xD Also good guy.

ThatRandomGuy - He can also do everything in my opinion and he is also pretty speedy. Holy shit.

Commy - Czech legend, he created one of the best skin in the game.

Z z z - Cutie bruh, he can play everything and his plays are so sick. Nice guy :3.

cmyui - I am glad you created Akatsuki, i love the community right here <3. Also very nice guy.

W w w - He is so cute and nice person, one of the good guys from community and also he is decent player. But he dont think he is :C

ZooM - Very nice guy who can play everything as well. He play this game for the same time as me and he is 100x better than me :D His plays are sick.

AkiraShine - Low AR EZ god? WTF.

Adamqs - Motivation to start learning AR11 and 3 mods. He is the true god :D.

Parky - Idk why. But his maps are fun to play :D.

Vermasium - Yeah, that famous HR stream farmer. But i see potentional in him, he is so good at consistency and Because Maybe HR is play that blows my mind. Also good friendo from the begining i play on Akatsuki uwu. Totally deserve more respect in community. lol

Syneergy - Great player. Can actually read HD ooo. I want to have his reading ok.

MurmurTwins - Great player, stunishing read skill and also decent aim, what a uniqie player owowo.

ez puntos






puntos is a Nominator from Czech Republic.
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Beatmap Nominator
Global rank #293
Country rank   #4
Clan ezgame
PP 4,809
Ranked score 686,185,945
Total score 3,302,878,161
Playcount 5,996
Playtime 8d 7h 51m
Total Playtime 19d 22h 4m
Replays watched 7
Total hits 0
Accuracy 93.67%
Followers 62
Level 79