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decaying trash player, hi - Peak rank #21 now decaying D:

My Goals:
Game of thrones 1000x HDDT
Improve jump aim (getting there)
improve nomod/HR
1.3K pp - one day (done with amore 22/07/2020)
1.4k pp (soon)
1.5k pp (actually quite doable soon)
1.6k pp (maybe with some incredible luck)
1k with HR
1k with Nomod (done 09/12/20 skipped 1k with 1112pp)
1k with HD
20k pp (done 22/07/2020)
21k pp (done 10/09/2020)
22k pp (done 28/10/2020)
23k pp (won't go for this for a while, i want to improve first)
24k pp (would be a good achievement to hit for myself)


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Clan Caleb
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