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My Awesome and not to mention EPIC friends!
(Did I forget to mention you guys are the greatest?)

Eaves: Dude literally you're the one I always find myself competing with the most. You're a fantastic friend and not to mention player! You're really personable and that's what I enjoy about you most.

Mqte: One of the greatest HD players that I aspire to be, you're really chill and we haven't talked much but you're honestly down to earth cool and wish we could talk more :)

Kuute: You're the one I've always looked up most as a player and an amazing friend. You've always been there for me and I've always been jealous of you. You've introduced me to more things than I could've ever thought imaginable and you're just the greatest person I've met on osu hands down. Thank you for everything and you're the best girl ever, oh and artist <3

cal: I'm sorry you got banned but you're one of the craziest players I've met skill wise. You've always been really good and I wonder if I'll ever be as good as you? Overall good player and person and I hope you find better luck in the future with osu! :D

Miniature Lamp: Dude you're one of the most insane taiko players on all of Akatsuki. Thank you for introducing me to taiko even if I didn't play it for long, you made me try out other game modes that I otherwise would've never paid mind to <3

TED: Best memer on all of Akatsuki. You're pretty chill to talk to and you're the biggest bald Asian ever (I love you don't hate me). You remind me of idke in terms of skill and personality but you have some pretty insane plays. Overall an amazing guy.

Daichi: Biggest savage on all of Akatsuki. Your maps may be trash but you definitely aren't (to me at least). We may not talk much but you're really damn funny and your YT memes are the greatest.

CyTek: You may be an invisible Akatsuki player but you're literally a god 4 digit on bancho. Best HDHR/DTHD player and really consistent. Your streams are also pretty godlike and from the clips I can see that you're still improving. Thanks for the advice and keep up the great osu stuffs ;)

Nekopara is greatest light novel

Here is my favorite character :o

Second Favorite Character Duo (not from nekopara):












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