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Hello and welcome to my Page! I am Amagnator and I love spinning! It's so much fun!

While YOU are on my Page, you can take a look at my friends and where they are from :)

-YAONG was from Indonesia, and I, to this day, don't know what got him banned
Adrian from
cmyui from
Cutie was from Germany, and I don't know what got this Person banned
Mate from
Puntos from
Real ILoveRem from
Stalking People from
SXBER from
Tanya from
Yukino-San from
ZeroTwo from
[Domi9467] from

Those are the ones that I am aware of that they added me, but I still have more pending request's, so speak up if you want to be mutualed and added to my list :)

While you were here, your Flag has been added to my personalized Flagcounter, thank you so much for your contribution towards my Flag-Collection, it's much appreciated :)






Amagnator is a player from Germany.
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