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rank 6000-7000 on bancho while this all went down

--------------------ABOUT ME--------------------

What's up, I'm Jackson, or Justice. I really don't care which you choose, I'll get the point.
According to A LOT of people, I am kind of the weird uncle of Akatsuki. I'm not too sure what that means but okay.
I'm pretty talkative too, don't be shy to message me. I'll almost always respond if I'm not busy.
It doesn't even have to be about osu! there's a lot more to me than just clicking circles
(interests include: competitive swimming, mathematics, music (piano in particular), video games, cute girls in anime, etc.)

I have A LOT of plays on relax, this is because my left hand couldn't type on a keyboard for almost six months.
Since then its healed a lot, but I'm pretty competitive so I still set a lot of plays to keep up with players on here.

Glorious List of Super Excellent Beauties I've met:
Mathyu - My osu! dad and irl son. It's always super exciting seeing how far you push the limits of this game
Ideal - Inspired me to see how far I could push the relax mod. Our private multis are awesome and I will never defeat him
TED - My first friend on the server and one of the most genuine people you will ever meet
ParkourWizard - Actual meme god. Triforce of incredible player, diligent mapper, and hilarious personality
DigiDrake - Brings the inner homosexual out of me. Thanks for wrestling with me bro :wrestlers:
Mattay - Fantastic mouse fondler and South African beauty. Comrade in arms for tech map master race
cmyui - My psychedelic slave master that whips me with his massive osu skills and generally good naturedness (and his cock)
LAF - The best six digit player you have never heard of. Hope you kill it in CS:GO brother
Randomize - The legend himself, descends from the heavens in cloth of white to nae nae libtards and take names
PaParkes - Fucking unban this kid on bancho, in about two or three years he's gonna be the next big thing
cal - Fucking unban this guy too, absolute legend if he's the real deal
solis - Currently still waiting for my CTL-470 to arrive to his house in Australia. Pray for solis
radar - Smol boy with a big heart. Hope he'll always remain super social and open
Daniel - A god that has returned home

I also listen to a lot of music too. Here's Itsue's Goodbye, Maboroshi absolute BANGER


with Ideal/Yuudachi

I have a bunch of others, but it would be so BIG

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