Hey beautiful! We've just finished migrating to our new server.
This should come with some minor speed improvements, but more importantly, it allows me (cmyui) to start programming the server again!

We've also updated our switcher! The new version can be downloaded here.
Make sure to extract all the files within the zip into a single directory.

Also, avatars, replays, and screenshots will be moved to the new server soon.
Hello i am bad at this game and i am only here to enjoy myself a little bit, i'm kinda quit

nvm the quit, here for CWC

#1 server breaker
i got autorestricted 3 times

semi retired catch player here for relax playing mostly

stupid twitter

asian girl






asian girl is a Nominator from Germany.
They registered .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse & Keyboard, Mouse Only.

Beatmap Nominator

Verified Player
Global rank #3405
Country rank   #213
Clan Pure Water
PP 62
Ranked score 1,212,104
Total score 5,601,792
Playcount 14
Playtime 1d 1h 30m
Total Playtime 3d 11h 0m
Replays watched 0
Total hits 0
Accuracy 95.93%
Followers 23
Level 9