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Right now I'm focusing ONLY and I will ONLY play DT stuff from now on, I did some score that are insanely too good for a nomod player with DT, and this prove me I should focus on dt because I would be wasting too much potential
Goal is rank #30 (atleast)
Snowy LP and _Tape are better than me you can't change my mind
Peak : (still have a long way to go)

PP Amount Section
Get 16kpp (O)
Get 17kpp (O)
Get 18kpp (O) This took ages ... (08/03/19)
Get 19kpp (X)
Get a 1300pp play (X)
Rank Section
Get in the 2Digit Squad (O)
{Top 50(O)] This took insanely too long (08/03/19)
{Top 25(X)(Super Doubt it)]
{Top 15(X)(that aint happening ever)}
{Top 10(X)(that just wont happen)}

I=ICurrent CollabI=I
Collab with ZooM

haha im InnerSuffering






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