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RX Liveplay: (kinda shit cause it was first try xd)

Regular Liveplay: (also shit but w/ better webcam placement xd

Amazing People:

Eaves: My twin brother and my best friend. You never fail to make me happy <3

Kuu: You are an AMAZING ARTIST! Even though you doubt your skills sometimes your drawings always turn out great. I'm glad to call you a friend <3

cat food: One of my first and honestly closest friends I've met when I first joined osu. Keep being you dude!

Nekopara: Met you through Eaves and Kuu, and honestly I'm so glad I met you. You are one of the coolest and chill people I have ever spoken to and you're really good at osu! 4 digit soon <333

babysim / cal: Gonna be real, you have inspired me to go back to regular and hone my skills. You are the one who inspired me to regain my skills and because of that I finally got back to four digit on bancho! You're an amazing person and although I'll never be as good as you, I hope to one day get close to your skill level <3

Robloxian: Your rx skills are starting to get amazing! You're making plays that I can't even make at the moment. Although we've only really just begun talking to each other, I can say that you're a really good friend!!


Wacom CTL 480 - Full Area with 5.32 sensitivity (drag)
Keyboard: Ducky One 2 Mini with Cherry MX Silver Switches.
Mouse: Razer Abyssus 2014.

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DT Farmer
Global rank #79
Country rank   #15
Clan Girls
PP 6,148
Ranked score 1,266,331,902
Total score 5,746,346,347
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Total hits 616,059
Accuracy 97.40%
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