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collab with pyui

Digi // is a queen and I love her we frequent the local walmart

Mathyu // is one of my bestest friends and i love him too

Yuudachi // is a great friend also and even more of an amazing player

Mattay // is a good boy owo

Justice // is a father and one of my idol in osu!

pyui // is a cutie and an amazing person ♥ ♥

kuu // is so cute and the best artist <33

cmyui // is a pretty chill person to be around :3

solis // is a really good friend and totally doesn't physically abuse me

Eaves // is homo

it happened pog

Mattay = My Angel radar in game

My global blacklist for mappers maps getting ranked:
ryugay(okay in most cases just needs heavy checking)

if a mystery 'cute' badge appear on your profile that means you're certified cute uwu

Less active here zzzzz
I love every single fucking one of you, especially these people (in no particular order):
Lewd, Solis, Kuu, Mathyu, Idealism, Danielmagical, ILoveRem, Kalzo, Cmyui, Maxi, Tomoki, TED, Yag

Respect players:
Mathyu: I remember when I first started on here. You were #1, and I saw you on so many leaderboards as #1, so many cool HDDT scores, those were truly the good old times. And while you've left akatsuki, the mark you made on my life, and your friendship will hold forever. <3

FightForJustice: A truly amazing player, and although you're leaving for now, I hope to see you returning to set more scores in the future!

danielmagical: Do I really have to say any more (cute w)

spE: Me: i wonder what my friends are doing today
*clicks on spE* OwO whats this?!? fruit?!?!??!
spE be like: https://youtu.be/LIz3wXXXMtA

Yuudachi: Your nomod and HR relax scores blow my mind, and I didnt think that could be possible tbh, you're 100% one of the best players on the server.

Log of events in my time here: 1/30/18 I first connected to the akatsuki server, 5 days after became a member of the BAT.
One day after that I got my first mutual, solis
In feb was the staff limbo period, where I applied for cm and didnt get in, thus started the radar for cm train which i still say to this day
March was eventful, I got my flag changed to my home country, Estonia, made many new friends, and climbed in ranks a lot reaching my peak rank of 80 global, and #1 Estonia. This was also the month where I started to get more known in the community I guess idk
April was when I was first akatsuki people, and was kicked the same month for being inactive (xd), this was also I think around the time of the PP rework, the end of imo the best era of akatsuki relax.
May was a month where a lot of whom we consider to be the gods of today arose, FightForJustice became popular, ILoveRem, akisaske(tomoki(ILoveRam)), and a few more that im too laze to name, also around the time kuu popped up, hehe. *also i think i got made chat mod here idk rofl*
June was a fun time, but it also marked the beginning of the end of my playing on akatsuki, I started to feel mindblocked on every map I played, leading to frustration. Around this time, many people were playing on verge for fun and taking over that server, i joined in, reaching top 5 for the millionth time on verge because it resets every month ROFL
July was very big for my life, I started to get closer to Yag, and he is truly an amazing person who i cherish to this day <3
Also verified finally rofl
Now here we are, at the time of writing this its the end of August, I've tried to play a little more here, also becoming akatsuki people again, this motivated me a lot to play more :D

To all of you I've met across this nearly 8 month journey, I love and treasure you, and every minute I've spent with you, you make my time here worth it.


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