👏 taiko 👏 autism 👏

playing RX Taiko for acc mostly Nomod
(working my ass off to 10.3k with 7000 plays & ZERO EZ scores is enough, now let me enjoy the game)

also taiko "racing" with Speedman Bert (just kidding Bert probably already won lol)

(RX only my lizard brain can't multitask very sorry)

Anti Vanilla, #1 RX taiko 10-03 to 13-03, in memoriam

8k pp on RX taiko 05-03-2020
9k pp on 06-27-2020
10k pp on 07-31-2020!!!

as always bunch of kudos to everyone for the extra little push, especially Bert (love ya homie)

miscellaneous goals:
>300pp/>370pp score in autoconverts/non-farm maps in taiko [04.03.20 309pp][X]

top 15/10/7/4 WW RX taiko [✓/✓/✓/holy SHIT ✓]

"ok but at least some maps reward you from acc because holy FUCK speedcore is disgustingly balanced"

TL;DR: jus hit circle have fun lol

also focus on improve

enjoy game

速力 Arkanik










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