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Tiller is so good at the popular rhythm game known as Osu! Starting in a few years ago Tiller has quickly climbed the ladder showing his amazing skills in things such as Marshmary, Sotarks united, and many more. Recently though, Tiller has had extreme struggles with fcing maps such as painters of the tempest rx and even sliderbreaking the last combo. Because of this Tiller has decided to find refuge in fiery maps with the hidden and doubletime modifications. I hope that one day Tiller will fc painters of the tempest rx and become the next big player. -Pixel








Tiller is a Supporter from United States.
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They play with HTC Vive, Spectator.




Totally a developer
Global rank #114
Country rank   #18
PP 6,688
Ranked score 4,471,705,990
Total score 10,625,156,408
Playcount 17,216
Playtime 0d 0h 18m
Total Playtime 10d 5h 36m
Replays watched 157
Total hits 3,722,111
Accuracy 97.08%
Followers 32
Level 97