hi i was ]owo[ or Lamps Egirl and i love miniature lamp

Collab with Lamp, Hi_World, LucasPowerFull and Cover and Hi_World

thank you miniature lamp (aka bad accuracy) for helping me have fun here while i did,
and to the friends that ive made too

bancho name is Saionji
i dont really play on akatsuki anymore

Miniature Lamp x ]owo[

give me your gamer goo please lamp

funny old copypasta
Done with this shit hole called Akatsuki see ya . And also FUCK you mania BATS for REFUSING to unrank vibro maps and actually make mania balanced gamemode and Wh1teh Pack #2 - #4 still unranked ?!?!?!? These are like the most known mania packs out there but you only care about fucking vibro and your precious fake PP I doubt half of you cunts would not stand a chance against me in a 1 v 1 you fucking noobs pls stop playing mania you guys are not worth it . It is a shame I gave this server a chance but IGNORANT mania rankers wont listen to me. pls stop playin mania and go back clicking your circles with relax mode like the noobs you are see ya

¡swag! peepee










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