Hello everyone! To mitigate hardware issues, we have switched servers, which means a new IP address;
you will need to click the Update IP button in your switcher to update to the newest IP.
If your switcher does not have this option, please download the newest version. If you still have issues, consider joining the Discord for support.
Discord: Yukino-San#7771
Feel free to contact me if you happen to find a cheater.

FroTH Yukino-San






Yukino-San is a Community Manager from Thailand.
They registered .
Last seen: .
They play with Tablet & Keyboard, Touchscreen & Keyboard.

Community Manager

Verified Player
Global rank #101
Country rank   #3
Clan [-Fromatic TH-]
PP 6,823
Ranked score 12,057,939,656
Total score 22,015,839,456
Playcount 17,594
Playtime 1d 18h 23m
Total Playtime 10d 19h 24m
Replays watched 421
Total hits 4,180,736
Accuracy 96.92%
Followers 116
Level 99