My old akat reg taiko scores and my bancho plays are all taikomania, but I don't have proof that I used it so bancho won't reset my taiko stats... so the reg taiko stuff here is the real deal (after i get my reg taiko stats reset here, idk how long that will take)

The server I was on earlier is gone now and they offered BN so guess I'm back lol
!Current taiko/mania BN on akat :)

Feel free to PERSONALLY send me requests for taiko / mania if you want (ingame or on discord)

lamp x peepee(aka [OwO] or funny name) forever <3

garbage wannabe allmodes player (std, ctb rx, taiko, taiko rx, mania)
former QAT/BN on akat, navisu, and nyoko/chiyo for a while, i dont remember how long
feel free to hit me up for taiko/mania GD/mod, i cant guarantee i'll actually do it though

super epic collab totally dramatic island

CAT GANG(clan)

dog collab O_O(me and dog)

current pfp is from ilsubyeega thx owo uwu


Miniature Lamp x ]owo[ forever - fanart by ]owo[ (

TDI Miniature Lamp






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