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Hi i'm bad at mania and taiko


Collab by stairs with Miniature Lamp and ]owo[

Miniature Lamp x ]owo[ forever - fanart by ]owo[ (

Egirls Miniature Lamp






Miniature Lamp is a QAT member from United States.
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They play with Keyboard, Spoon, Leap motion, Oculus rift, Dick, Eggplant.

Akatsuki Champion

Quality Assurance Team

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Global rank #2
Country rank   #2
Clan Egirl Gamers
PP 6,415
Ranked score 164,557,894
Total score 464,241,032
Playcount 949
Playtime 82.35 hours (3.4 days)
Replays watched 6
Total hits 454,062
Accuracy 98.17%
Followers 57
Level 41