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Hello there, I used to run this interesting little place!
If you need help, you should probably redirect your questions to a member of the staff team, or Mempler.

I'm currently studying computer science, which takes up the majority of my time.
Enjoy the server! <3

P.S, I'm unbanned on bancho now!







cmyui is a Developer from Canada.
They registered .
Last seen: .
They play with Tablet & Keyboard, Tap-X, Spectator.


Nine Inch Males

Five Piece Tenders

Three Golden Teachers

Global rank #116
Country rank   #2
PP 16,471
Ranked score 173,562,669
Total score 556,707,121
Playcount 3,507
Playtime 6d 7h 34m
Total Playtime 21d 15h 16m
Replays watched 145
Total hits 0
Accuracy 98.57%
Followers 513
Level 43