Support Akatsuki (Premium)

So, what makes it so Premium?
Well, it has many additional perks.

Here's what you get:

Multi-colored username on the website

To kick it off, you get a rainbow username on the website to show everyone you're a really cool dude who has gone above and beyond in helping us pay the server bills.

Gif/Video Backgrounds

You'll be able to take a step up from regular supporters, and set your custom background to an Animated version.

Being able to use channel-limited commands, anywhere

Premium members have the ability to override channel-limited commands, such as !request, !last, and more; and can use them anywhere.

Premium badge

Just like Supporter, you will get a premium badge on your profile, to show everyone you've decided to support us!

#admin access in-game

Now you'll be able to keep up with all the latest drama, restrictions, reports, and all! This way you can keep updated with the server's management and development.

Many other features..

Premium actually comes with far too many small features to fit on this page.. so why not make it interesting to leave them for you to find? Have fun and enjoy the Premium life!

Please log in before purchasing premium.