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Rules may be changed at any time as we see fit.
New rules may or may not be retroactive at our own discretion.

General rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in a restriction or ban, temporary or permanent, depending on the gravity.

  1. Cheating and any other form of hacking are strictly prohibited.
  2. You are allowed to have 1 account on the Akatsuki server.
  3. Impersonation of any other player is not permitted.
  4. Edited clients are not permitted on Akatsuki (this includes fallback, sorry!).
  5. Shared or boosted accounts are not allowed.
  6. Do not try to exploit bugs found on the server, report them to a developer immediately.

Chat rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in a silence.

These apply to both Discord AND the in-game chat. The Discord chat also has some rules which are specific to the Discord server itself; for this reason you should also check out the #rules channel on the server.

  1. Avoid any kind of insults to people. Try to be friendly. If not, try to discuss in a constructive manner.
  2. Racial slurs are absolutely not allowed. Terms like “retarded”, and “autistic” are fine on objects, definitely not on people.
  3. Don’t spam or flood, unless you’re occasionally sending a link to e.g. Twitch when you’re streaming Akatsuki when no discussion is going on.
  4. Any kind of illegal content, warez, or viruses is strictly prohibited. (This includes posting parts of source code that you have no legal right to share.)
  5. No NSFW or gore content.
  6. Unless it’s a language channel, please speak English.
  7. Don’t make any kind of cheating accusation (Use #cheaterreporting on Discord or report the person you suspect to a Community Manager)
  8. Remember also to follow the General rules above!

Profile rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in a silence and userpage/avatar reset.

  1. NSFW and offensive avatars/userpage contents are not allowed.
  2. Don’t link to illegal stuff/porn/warez/viruses on userpages.
  3. Do not use offensive custom badges and do not pretend to be someone else with your custom badge. If you abuse the badges system, you’ll be silenced and you won’t be able to edit your custom badge anymore.

Cheat/multiaccount policy

This is how we handle cheaters and multiaccounters on Akatsuki.

  1. Cheating and multiaccount is strictly prohibited.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you cheated on any other osu! server - we only care about what you did on Akatsuki.
  3. Multiaccounts are NOT allowed, with the SOLE EXCEPTION OF CHAT BOTS. If you are developing one and need an account for it, mail support
  4. We reserve the right to change these rules as we see fit.