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Hello everyone! To mitigate hardware issues, we have switched servers, which means a new IP address;
you will need to click the Update IP button in your switcher to update to the newest IP.
If your switcher does not have this option, please download the newest version. If you still have issues, consider joining the Discord for support.

SSL Cert

title: “SSL Cert” reference_version: b5d61efa1ca257bd1d15768453d12cb8 — Our SSL Certificate is required to connect via the latest releases of the osu! client (only version of osu! allowed on our server to begin with).

Manually installing our SSL Certificate

This means that your hosts file has most likely successfully been redirected via the hosts file, but your certificate is somehow not working. Please check here and refer to the possibilities below: A. Page unsafe warning Fix: This means the certificate is infact invalid/not working. If this happens, please install this certificate, like so. B. osu!Bancho page Fix: This means your hosts file actually was not written, or redirection is not working in some way, but somehow your osu! is still being redirected? Move to the #help channel of our Discord.