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Hey beautiful! We've just finished migrating to our new server.
This should come with some minor speed improvements, but more importantly, it allows me (cmyui) to start programming the server again!

We've also updated our switcher! The new version can be downloaded here.
Make sure to extract all the files within the zip into a single directory.

Also, avatars, replays, and screenshots will be moved to the new server soon.

Connecting to Akatsuki through IRC

IRC does not exists just yet.


A quick note

Please note that IRC support may vary depending on the client you’re using. Plus, our IRC server only handles basic commands at the moment, such as PASS, NICK, USER, PRIVMSG, NOTICE, JOIN, PART and QUIT.
We’ve tested our IRC server with HexChat, a free and open source IRC client, and it turned out to work pretty well. For iOS, Mutter works just fine.

Multiple clients and SSL support

With a recent update, we’ve added the ability to connect from the game and an IRC client at the same time. You can also connect with multiple IRC clients. We’ve also added SSL support.

Setting up your IRC client

Once you’ve installed an IRC client, you can connect to Ripple with these settings:

  • Host:
  • Port: 6697 with SSL (recommended) or 6667 (without SSL)
  • Nickname and username: Your ripple username. If you have spaces in your name, replace them with underscores. For example, - Zino - becomes -_Zino_-
  • Server password: Your IRC token, you can get it here.

There’s no authentication system (SASL/NickServ, none of that). Your IRC token must be sent with the /PASS (Server Password) method. This is for backwards compatibility with the official server.

And now?

If you have connected successfully to ripple’s IRC server, you can start chatting in public channels by typing /JOIN #channel (eg: /JOIN #osu to join the main channel). /list should show all available channels. –>