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bn is gone

s1ck is sick
willcookie is pretty good
yuudachi too
daniel is ar11 good
i love ted
kaguya is hot
ggm9 cute

thank cmyui for making this lovely server

collabing with kaguya, cursordance (tanya), sarah and GGM9 (GG)







Pha is a player from Antarctica.
They registered .
Last seen: .
They play with Tablet & Keyboard, Spectator.


Verified Player

ruri Tester
Global rank #232
Country rank   #3
PP 4,892
Ranked score 1,082,042,046
Total score 3,206,711,930
Playcount 2,218
Playtime 161.05 hours (6.7 days)
Replays watched 10
Total hits 425,398
Accuracy 96.50%
Followers 45
Level 78